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We are the ultimate tool when it comes to digital signage.

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Introducing LowCode SHOW, a digital signage solution that offers you the ability to manage your screens from a single place. In addition, lowCode SHOW Digital Signage provides native integration for Magnolia DXP - optimization and reuse of existing content. With the help of our visual digital signage composer, you will always be able to configure new displays or adapt existing ones without cumbersome development. So go ahead and create powerful digital signage experiences with LowCode Show and Magnolia DXP!

One Platform

Endless Experience on Any Screen

LowCode SHOW is an AI powered digital signage solution that helps you develop your own screens with your own content quickly and easily. It features an advanced template editor, rich integration capabilities and provides latest technologies for rapid development of modern AI Powered Personalized Premium Digital Signage.
State of the Art Hotel Screens
Create stunning Lobby and Breakfast / Dining Room experiences for your hotels or Event Venues.
Mix and match Live-TV together with your own Content. Best of all: No complicated Hardware needed.
Digital Menu Board
Dynamic menus created with LOWCODESHOW can be customized to suit the needs of specific times and places, and can be further optimized based on customer data.
Internal Communications
LOWCODESHOW software can help create in-office signs that are interactive, real-time, and share information across offices.
Dynamic Storefront
Using in-window signs is an easy way to grab the attention of potential customers. LOWCODESHOW makes it easy to create on-the-fly messaging for last-minute promotions or events.
Kiosk Application
LOWCODESHOW can be used to build smart kiosks that adapt their content to customer needs.
Thanks to the LowCode Platform you can create complete touch applications in no time.
Wayfinding, Ticketing, Queue Management and more...
Give your customers the ability to perform simple tasks, like purchasing tickets or checking in for flights, without having to contact customer service. Hospital and Patient Monitoring, Management Systems are built with ease....
Develop your Integrations right into LOWCODESHOW.

Native Magnolia Integration

Don't change the Workflow you know

LowCode Show can integrate natively into your Magnolia DXP installation. You can integrate your custom Magnolia Content -Apps and Assets directly into the Visual Digital Signage Composer to place them on your Digital Signage screen.

  • Integrate Custom Magnolia Content Apps
  • Easily write custom Digital Signage Components using LowCode Approach and native Magnolia integration
  • Comfortably use Magnolia Assets via Drag and Drop in your Visual Digital Signage Composer
Bootstrap Themes

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