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Create your next Idea with LowCode.

Soluneo is a LowCode platform that developers use to create custom web and mobile applications. Soluneo has just powered two new platforms, LOWCODECMS and LOWCODESHOW, which are both changing how people manage their business.

Soluneo. Product Family.

LowCode Solutions.

Soluneo is a software that aims to lower the entry barrier into technology for everyone. Our mission is to create the best tools to develop custom apps, websites and eCommerce solutions easily without code. We’re combining the ease of development of low-code solutions with the power of evolving web technologies like responsive design, mobile first & serverless architectures, to create a Unified Experience Platform.

Digital Signage
Soluneo LOWCODESHOW is a digital signage solution that allows you to manage all your digital screens.
Whether you want to display the latest news, or the best selling products, LOWCODESHOW is the right choice.
Content Management
Soluneo LOWCODECMS is the new platform for digital experience creation. It enables you to deploy websites, apps and databases in hours instead of months.
Conventional CMS are made for yesterday. LOWCODECMS is made for tomorrow.
Development Platform
Soluneo is a new category of software development platforms that combine the simplicity of website authoring with the power of coding. It's true that you can build incredible, scalable, cross-device web and mobile applications in hours with Soluneo and it's Solutions. This isn't just marketing. It's not just a revolution - it's an evolution.

Digital Signage

Give your digital screens a new face.

LOWCODESHOW is a revolutionary new software for digital signage. Our solution lets you control every screen in the world ─ be it TV screens, mobile devices, info kiosks or monitors in restaurants, shops and offices. LOWCODESHOW provides everything needed

Manage digital screens everywhere, from anywhere.
Connect your digital screens to popular content management systems, social media updates, RSS feeds, weather information or any other data. Create your digital signage screens in seconds with pre-made layouts or create your own screens with visual editor or use the power of our LowCode System to extend any functionality.
LOWCODESHOW is powered by the Mobile first Soluneo Interface, letting you edit, change and manage your digital content from any device on the go.

  • Manage Multiple Locations
  • Manage any number of Displays
  • Attach any number of Devices to Displays
  • Create unlimited number of Playlist
  • Configure sophisticated Playlist Rules based on either Time, Sensor Data, Motion and Face Detection (e.g. Male, Female, Group, Age Range)
  • Add Multiple Playlists to Displays
  • Central Controle Panel
  • Mobile Management through Soluneo App.
and much more.

LowCode CMS

As Close as you can get to your Customers and Users.

A Great Choice.
LOWCODECMS is category of CMS that didn't in fact exist. One that combined simplicity with power. Soluneo is now opening up websites with apps to a wider audience, becoming the CMS for the next generation.

It is a great choice for small teams that need a rapid app/site/ecommerce solution with all the powers of a modern cms. Also it's a great choice for big teams looking for fast development, less maintenance and simple to use.

Unique Features:
  • AI powered Inline and in-context language translation
  • Inline Editing
  • Visual Template Editor
  • Optional Custom Component Development in the Browser
  • Cloud and on-prem installation possible
  • EDGE Personalization
  • Advanced BRE Engine

In a Nutshell:
  • A full-fledged CMS. Multisite management. Multilingualism.
  • Future-proof SEO, specially tailored to the new Google Speed Ranking.
  • Can be individually designed without programming.
  • Expandable, with and without code. LowCode CMS. The new LowCode platform.
  • Modeling business processes, databases in minutes, not days. Individual software, made by you. Affordable.
  • Plugin, widget and theme search is over.
  • No hidden costs for forms, dashboards or whatever the future brings.

Soluneo LowCode Platform.

Welcome Citizen Developer. Welcome Power Coder.

The Soluneo LowCode Platform gives you the right mix of visual and non-visual development tools to create rich interactive user interfaces and backend applications. Development is done in the browser, however for advanced developers Soluneo offers a powerful CLI tool with integrations to CI Systems(e.g. Github Actions, Jenkins,..) automate your deployments. An Enterprise ready Security App complements the Platform to manage Users, Groups and Roles with advanced ACL rules, everything in an approachable clean interface or/and why not choose your identity provider of your choice (e.g. Okta, Auth0,...)

Simplified Development
In the LowCode Admin Console you can create new apps and add new components in them. A visual dialog designer facilitates fast, customized authoring. Development of components can be done in following modes:

  • Template mode
    The HTML part of the component using handlebar syntax.
  • Dialog model
    The dialog model is the designer for data model and authoring interfaces.
  • Client-side JavaScript code
    Custom ES6 JavaScript code that runs on the client.
  • Server-side code
    Either local server-side JavaScript code that is added to the component's processing pipeline on the output side, or, if configured, serverless functions that run on any cloud platform.
  • StyleSheet mode
    Component-specific stylesheet from SASS
Soluneo LowCode offers you an advanced collection editor for defining custom data models. These can either be used directly to build a backend application (including PWA and real mobile support). You can use this to create Kanaban style boards and lists in conjunction with the SolFlow editor. There are tons of ways to build your custom LowCode app (or even no code app).

The big advantage, however, is the ability to embed and use this powerful tool in your components' apps and websites
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